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Joan Collins with Leonard Simpson on the 11th of January, 2007.

Joan Henrietta Collins, OBE (* 23rd of May IN 1933 in London) is a British actress, model and author.

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Lives and career

Joan Collins is one of three children of the talent scout Joseph William coming from South Africa Collins (“Wants”) and his English wife Elsa Bressant Collins. She has two brothers and sisters, Jacqueline Jill Collins (“Jackie”) and Joseph William Collins, Jr. (“Bill”). She is a graduate of the royal Academy of Dramatic kind.

In the 1980s Collins became known by the TV serial The Denver clan worldwide. With her role of the revengeful ex-wife she rose to the female star of the television of the 1980th, because she embodied the intrigues spining beast persuasive with a lot of sex appeal.

Joan Collins with Stephanie Beacham and Emma Samms (2009)

Before her role as “an Alexis” in the Denver clan she joined in since the 1950s in more than 50 films, in leading roles or minor parts. In 1967 she had a small role in one of the most popular results of the TV serial spaceship Enterprise under the title Clutch in the history. After the end of Denver clan in 1989 she earned her money primarily by her novels, biographies and beauty counsellors.

In 1996 she played among other things in one of three last Specials to the TV serial from Hard, however, warmly: Max’ legacy at the side of Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers. Moreover, she had some guest appearances, among the rest, in Roseanne, Which Nanny and in The Flintstones in Viva rock Vegas.

In February, 2002 she married for the fifth time. Their man is 33 year younger Percy Gibson.

In April and May, 2006 Joan Collins with her show went in Evening with Joan Collins in Great Britain before sold off houses on tour.

On the 12th of September, 2006 she celebrated together with her Denver clan colleague Linda Evans in Toronto with the play Legends premiere. The piece went afterwards up to the spring, 2007 in the USA on tour. In 2006 Joan Collins had a guest role in the English series Footballers’ Wives. In 2010 76-year-old Joan Collins accepted a guest role in the German Daily-Soap forbidden love and played for three results the eccentric lady Joan.

Filmografie (choice)

  • 1952: Cosh bell-boy
  • 1953: Boccaccios great love (Decameron Nights)
  • 1953: Jim, the last winner (The Square ring)
  • 1954: Four remain on the distance (The Good Young)
  • 1955: Country of the Pharaohs (The country of the Pharaohs)
  • 1955: The maiden queen / alternative title: The rebel of your majesty (The Virgin queen)
  • 1955: The girl on the velvet swing (The Girl in the Red velvet swing)
  • 1956: The weak gender (The Opposite sex)
  • 1957: Where all streets end (The Wayward coach
  • 1957: Treibgut of the passion (Sea Wife)
  • 1957: Confidential ring Nippon (Stopover Tokyo)
  • 1958: Bravados (The Bravados)
  • 1958: No fear of sharp things (of Rally’ Round the Flag, bell-boys!)
  • 1960: Seven thieves (Seven Thieves)
  • 1960: The sword of Persien (Esther and the King)
  • 1962: The way to Hong Kong (The Road to Hong Kong)
  • 1965: On quite a crooked tour (La Congiuntura)
  • 1967: Spaceship Enterprise (guest appearance as Edith Keeler) result: The city On The Edge Of Forever
  • 1969: Can Heronymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Finding True Happiness?
  • 1969: Excuse (Subterfuge)
  • 1970: The executor (The Executioner)
  • 1970: The naked star (Up in the Cellar)
  • 1971: Two (The Persuaders!) (TV serial, a result)
  • 1972: Fear at night (Fear in the Night)
  • 1973: The grave of the living dolls (Dark Places)
  • 1975: Alfie, the dear-great apron hunter (Alfie Darling)
  • 1975: The devil in her (I Don’t shroud to Be spring)
  • 1977: The procuress (Poliziotto senza paura)
  • 1977: In the power of the gigantic ants (empire of the Ants)
  • 1978: Dead people better sleep (The Big Sleep)
  • 1978: The crash Company (Zero to Sixty)
  • 1978: The mare (The Stud)
  • 1979: Lady Diamond (The Bitch)
  • 1979: Play of the vultures (A Game for Vultures)
  • 1981-1989: The Denver clan (Dynasty)
  • 1983: A man of dreams on the cover (Making of a times model)
  • 1984: Cartier affair (The Cartier Affair)
  • 1986: Sins (Sins)
  • 1995: A winter night dream (In the Bleak Midwinter)
  • 1998: Betrayed – A woman on the run (Sweet Deception)
  • 1999: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
  • 2000: The Flintstones in Viva rock Vegas
  • 2010: Forbidden love (guest role)


Emmy Award


  • 1984: Prominent principal character in a drama series (Denver clan)

Golden Globe Award


  • 1983: The best standard principal character – drama (Denver clan)


  • 1982: The best standard principal character – drama (Denver clan)
  • 1984: The best standard principal character – drama (Denver clan)
  • 1985: The best standard principal character – drama (Denver clan)
  • 1986: The best standard principal character – drama (Denver clan)
  • 1987: The best standard principal character – drama (Denver clan)

Soap opuses Digest Award


  • 1984: Prominent villain in a prime time soap opera (Denver clan)
  • 1985: Prominent villain in a prime time series (Denver clan)


  • 1986: Prominent principal character in a prime time series (Denver clan)
  • 1986: Prominent villain in a prime time series (Denver clan)
  • 1988: Prominent villain – prime time (Denver clan)

other honourings

  • 1978: Nomination for the Saturn Award as the best principal character – science fiction (in the power of the gigantic ants)
  • 1982: Golden Apple Award as a female star of the year
  • 1983: Star on Hollywood Drumming of Fame in the category “Television”
  • 1983: Nomination for the CableACE Award as an actress in a drama (Faerie to valley Theatre: Hansel & Gretel)
  • 1985: People’s Choice Award together with Linda Evans as most popular female television stars
  • 1999: Golden camera in the category Cult star of the century
  • 2001: „Golden nymph“ of Monte Carlo TV festival as a prominent actress
  • 2001: Nomination for the golden raspberry as the worst supporting actress (The Flintstones in Viva rock Vegas)
  • 2003: Nomination for the TV country of Award as the best fashion icon (Denver clan)


  • Joan Collins: Intimate memoirs. Confessions of a star about her moved life. Heyne, Munich 1993, ISBN 3-453-01934-2.

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